Be Yourself. 


Hearing to the tick tock of the clock. Concurrently, gazing upon the needles off.

A quote jumbled up in the mind, 

“Take influence but, dont be influenced to the extent of becoming bounded”.

Well, you must be thinking, what is the sense of this very quotation? .

Purpose of writing is to acknowledge the things, I’ve learned. 

Delving into deep, isn’t it boring?, just to take the punches in the interim, heeding others reach the zenith. 

I did not say, “become a rival, riot or start accusing them” .

Deliberately, It would be more fascinating to work upon your own self ?. 

Why not, surmicing their experience as an opportunity to improve yourself and correspond, with the tales of your own success?

It’s fine! to do a competition. Infact, it’s pretty much necessary for a healthy learning environment. 

However, an important point that needs to be in the consideration is;

“Do what “you” think, “you” are good at. Not, what others think “you” are good at”.

Begin, bumping into your own interests and invest your quality time in it. 

Interest is not an intrinsic. You have to find it out by yourself.

A horse rider cannot endorse a snail, to ride at the speed of horse. 

Altogether, a student who learns better with the concept, can’t do a process of mindless memorization of facts and figures.

“It’s fair to do so.”

In a nutshell, be realistic. Satisfy, your own virtue in the first place.

“Your time is limited. So, don’t waste it living someone else’s life”

– Steve Jobs

 By: Naveen Tariq.

All rights reserved.


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